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Review of “Awake”, by Matthew Blake

AwakeAwake by Matthew Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lee Fenton, successful novelist, receives disastrous news from his physician after having a recent medical. It appears that he has a terminal form of insomnia called FFI.
Realizing that he optimistically has only a year at most left to live, he opts to cash in his assets, buy a state-of-the-art RV and tour America with his best friend, Ben, picking up a couple of curvaceous and very beautiful hitchhikers on the way.
The foursome pair off, and the book begins to feel like a typical road trip and an advertisement for all of the great tourist spots in the US, which is no bad thing, because it does indeed make the reader want to grab their passport and hop on a ‘plane!
What Lee doesn’t tell his fellow travellers is that he has begun to have hallucinations, or so he thinks.
Dogged by the “hallucination” in the form of a scarlet demon, the reader witnesses Lee’s deterioration, both physically and mentally as his sleeplessness gets worse and he begins to doubt his sanity increasingly so – until the others begin to see the demon too.
At nearly 400 pages, it’s quite a lengthy book, but as I reached the end, I felt that Matthew Blake had pulled his punches with the ending somewhat, and rather than being able to say it was a great book, I can only say that it was a good book, yet I still urge others to give the book a good read through.

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Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse begins today! It’s official! Cue the music and enjoy chapter 1

Today sees what could possibly be the beginning of the end of the world, as Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse, the collaborative flash fiction story by 20(!) authors and writers, including myself, begins later today at www.kseniaanske.com, the website of talented writer Ksenia Anske.

The writer who kicks off our episodic flash fiction story is romance, paranormal and suspense author, Becky Flade.

Becky Flade: Mother, Author and opening writer of Easter Bunny’s Apocalypse. Photo by Becky Flade.

Becky sets the scene wonderfully, and without giving anything away, i’ll just say that she made it easy for me to write my chapter and build upon what she had written.

To find out more about Becky and the books she has authored, visit her blog, follow her on Twitter, find her on Facebook and also on Goodreads.com.

Tomorrow’s blog will feature the writer of chapter 2: David Eccles. That’s me!

Until then, enjoy a few minutes of excellent reading. Please take the time to go and visit www.kseniaanske.com and do it again and again every day, reading each new chapter as it is released for your enjoyment, watching the story unfold until March 31st when it concludes.