ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award


Another award! This time from one of my fantastic friends and a fellow writer, the wonderful Fiction Vixen herself, Rosalind Smith-Nazilli.

The rules for receiving the award are simple: thank and link back to who nominated you, say something about yourself with a word or a phrase beginning with each letter of the alphabet, and of course nominate some other bloggers for the award!

A. Aspire to being an author, obviously!

B. Blogging is a recent thing i’ve begun to do.

C. Computers are a major interest of mine.

D. Drawing is a hidden talent of mine.

E. Eccles is my true last name.

F. Followback on Twitter annoys the hell out of me!

G. GIMP is my graphics package of choice.

H. HorrorsquadWW is a group i’m a part of on Twitter.

I. Intolerance annoys me.

J. Jasmine is my favourite floral scent.

K. Klowns seems like a more attractive way of spelling clowns imho.

L. Love me, like me or loathe me, it doesn’t matter to me how you think of me.

M. My mother died in 1990.

N. No one can replace your mother.

O. Operations: i had corrective eye surgery a few years ago.

P. Photography is a hobby of mine.

Q. Quizzes: I love them!

R. Reading is a huge passion!

S. Soups of all kinds: The simplest meal to prepare!

T. Time: I never seem to have enough of it to do all the things i want to do.

U. Unlimited time would be perfect!

V. Vascular dementia: something my dad has.

W. Whisky: I do like a dram of single malt now and again!

X. X-rays: I’ve had lots, and xylophones: I have bashed one in school before now.

Y. You guys: The readers who i hope will enjoy my writing.

Z. Zelda: A game i have on my Nintendo DS Lite, and i’ve never even played it!

And a few people i would like to nominate, though they may not necessarily take part in these bits of fun between bloggers, i still consider their blogs to have awesome content and that they are deserving of this award:

M.C. O’Neill

Ksenia Anske

Bret Allen

I think that will do for now, as i have another award to blog about, and more people to nominate!

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