Review of “Stranger Companies”, by Linda Angel


145 pages of words that drip with honey, yet are laced with powdered glass and a tasteless corrosive that will shred your insides, Stranger Companies is a small volume of 20 stories that, according to Linda, were an exercise in freewriting. All I can say is that if she is capable of producing work of a standard to which most writers can only aspire when simply freewriting, what is the woman capable of when she sits down and actually plans what she writes?
I experienced a gamut of emotions from purest joy to absolute despair as I slowly digested each story, and was left open-mouthed after the final tale and had finished the book. I still feel drained, yet strangely euphoric.
Linda’s prose is simply beautiful; she has a unique way with words, and her words will have their way with you, the reader! You’ll love how she combines words to create new words, words that you will want to use yourself, yet know that you never will, because Linspeak is unique to this particular writer, and her “voice” is one you will never forget!
Highly reccomended reading.

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