Review of “Snatched”, by Ian Woodhead


A deliciously depraved extreme horror short read (97 pages) by Ian Woodhead, Snatched opens the door to the inner workings of the mind of James, a seemingly upstanding pillar of the community, history teacher and soup kitchen volunteer, who has taken it upon himself to rid the world of the hidden evil within all young boys, by the means of kidnap, torture both physical and mental, and using any and all tools in his tool bag and items he finds in the homes he invades. He’s also not averse to violating, mutilating and butchering members of his young victims’ families, and even the odd homeless vagrant!<br /> Flashbacks to James as a young boy reveal how he had no choice but to grow up to be the dysfunctional, psychopathic, broken man who believes that he is the next step in human evolution, and you won’t see the twist, I assure you!

I would have given Snatched 5 stars, but there are a few grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies: there are no page breaks between chapters, and a couple of chapter headings are not in bold type.

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