Review of “Mountain Home”, by Bracken McLeod

Mountain HomeMountain Home by Bracken MacLeod

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Mountain Home” is a huge display firework of a novel, and the audience (you, the readers)are invited to watch the display that Bracken McLeod has painstakingly set up for us. The touch paper has been lit, and we’re all now just waiting for the inevitable explosion to happen.
It seems like it’s just another day at the “Your Mountain Home Kitchen”, until the owner of the house opposite the diner decides otherwise, unleashing an all-out assault on the building and its occupants, with deadly consequences.
We learn through flashbacks exactly what Joanie Myer, an ex-Air Force sniper has suffered, and why purchasing her dream home in the mountains was the last chance to bring peace into her life.
That plan to hold on to just one thing, something to keep her grounded and give her a chance to heal is short-lived, no thanks to an avaricious and vindictive property developer and Beau, his manager, who runs “Your Mountain Home Kitchen”.
Joanie is not going to surrender her home without a fight, and fighting is something she’s extremely good at, as those inside “Your Mountain Home Kitchen” are about to find out.
Brilliantly written, with well thought-out characters who really stand out from the “page”, and there are a few who I know you’ll dislike intensely, I assure you!
A wonderful debut novel that I highly recommend, one that is totally deserving of 5 stars.

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